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Buying a house in 2017 is very different than even 5 years ago — or at least it should be!

How we use Technology to make Buying a Home less stressful for YOU!

Auto-searches done RIGHT

Fredhelps Priority Access

We don’t just rely on the daily overnight searches that every agent promises you. We also add 2 key components to be SURE we’re the first ones in to see a house – very important in a competitive market!

1. We create Duplicate secondary searches in a second separate database that uses IMMEDIATE push technology that the vast majority of agents either don’t know about, or don’t want to pay for the service. We do NOT rely on the usual overnight updates everybody else sees.

2. Manual searches done several times a day by members of our team, for you, depending on how ready you are to buy, and how competitive the market is when you’re shopping!

Skype / Facetime Showings

skype For Buyer PAge


Almost EVERY other realtor still uses the traditional showing methods – pick out a list of homes for you, and ask you for a 2-3 hr block of time to visit all of the homes, usually ending in disappointment.

Your lives are BUSY! Wouldn’t you rather we preview the homes for you? We host skype showings, so we do all the running around, call you when we’re at the house, and you step away from your busy day to video chat with us for a few minutes while we’re inside the house. We’ll still show you all the positives and of course the negatives that don’t show up in the listing.

For houses that pique your interest, we shortlist and then take you through in person — for those that don’t meet your needs, you just saved yourself a boatload of time, gas, and energy!



The Offer...

Fredhelps Trust


Knowing that we’re always in YOUR corner, we have our reputation at stake.  We will ALWAYS do the right thing – protect our buyer clients during purchase negotiations. Our past clients know that we’re never out for a quick sale. We want to make sure you get the right house for you, at the right price, and are ok showing you as many houses you need to see before taking the leap.

Technology even works in this stage! We have tablets and software that allow you to sign documents electronically, from anywhere. What does this mean? No more pressure purchases waiting in your car on the side of the road during multiple offers. Stay relaxed, stay comfortable… and let your kids go to bed on time! We’ll teach you how to do this – it’s so easy!

Inspect with ALL the right tools.

Fredhelps Infrared



We work with home inspectors that use the newest gadgets – it’s not x-ray vision, but it’s getting close! Infrared Cameras and moisture meters can detect problems you can’t see. Reports with photos are prepared within hours, and emailed over to you FAST. This is very important when you need to negotiate fixes or discounts with the sellers.