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Whether you’re a first time seller, or a seasoned veteran, doing things in the wrong order can actually cost you time and money.

Get Ready to sell in 3 easy steps you won’t hear elsewhere!

1. DON'T start any projects or renovations... YET.




Don’t waste any time or money on renovations or upgrades. Ask us first! (Even if you’re not sure you’ll be listing with us yet!) We can tell you what changes are imperative, helpful, optional, or not needed at all. Save your money and your time, and we’ll tell you where both are best spent.

We will also provide you with a staging consultation, AND tell you what staging we are going to take care of for you. It isn’t fair to hand you a list of to-do’s while we wait for you to get ready. We create our own to-do list as well, and explain what we will include in our FREE home staging.

2. DON'T stress about decluttering. Start "packing" instead.




DON’T? That’s right – here’s the way we describe it. “Decluttering” is a term heard all over TV and Realtor marketing. To me, it is a very stressful thing when you think about it. We like to tell our clients to forget about decluttering, and just START PACKING.

Seasonal stuff can be boxed. Things you don’t use often can be packed, and during this process, you won’t be stressed with the thoughts of Keep vs Donate vs Toss – it will happen much more naturally when you’re ‘packing’ because you won’t want to move more than you have to.

3. Let the FredHelps Team start pulling all the pieces together for you





Real Estate isn’t just about taking pictures, posting on MLS and negotiating a sale. When you are paying for a service, you should be taken care of from start to finish!  From house prep, staging and marketing, to helping you deal with stressful showings, even if you’re out of town, we own every step of the process. Our goal is to leave you with a huge cheque at the end, with as little stress as possible along the way.

Snowstorm when you’re out of town? We’ll shovel it. Weeds out of control and your lawnmower’s broken? We’ll handle it. Toilet flap leaking? Easy fixes are all taken care of, or we’ll connect you with others that can help – better now than having it come up in a home inspection!