I am currently compiling an updated list of items to include on this page based on your valued feedback. Until this page is updated, please feel free to contact me directly with any questions at (416)895-3733 or fred@fredhelps.com.

Until then, the #1 secret I want to reveal has to do with service contracts you sign, whether buying or selling real estate, or engaging other service providers as well.
Unfortunately, there are a few business people out there that will quietly fill in contracts using a longer contract length than necessary, in many different lines of business – meaning you’re STUCK with them for that length of time even if you’re not thrilled with the service.
When signing ANY service contract in any industry, make sure you put in the time frame you’re comfortable with. In this market, when dealing with Listing and Buyer Representation agreements, I recommend 2 to 3 months TOPS, and that’s what I have all my clients sign as well. You are now protected, and free to work with any other Brokerage after that time is up, or to re-sign with them only if you’re happy with their performance. This protects you, the client, and FORCES agents to work their butt off for you and earn a new contract if the time elapses on the current one. Contact me if you’d like specifics on this, and if you’d like to see exactly what the contract looks like.

ALSO, always request a copy of a cancellation form and infomation on how they can be used if needed – I always give one out to my clients and tell them they can cancel at anytime. You should WANT to continue working with your service providers each and every day, and not ever feel trapped into it.

I’m trying to eliminate the occasional horror story you hear, and protect you, the CLIENTS every step of the way!
More secrets to come!