The choice is NOT easy – I absolutely understand that you have your choice of over 30,000 Realtors in the GTA– so, why Fred?

I have a pile of marketing material that outlines all of the benefits of working with me, highlighting the services and attributes that set me apart, but I wanted to create a video that focuses on 4 specific items.

I won’t reiterate what every other agent says, since I prefer to set myself apart. If you’d like more information on my basic and customizable service offerings, email me at and request a copy of my “Listing with Fred” powerpoint slide deck. In the meantime, enjoy these highlights! (There’s so much more, but these are important, including a selling secret I reveal as well :) )

Video being rebranded with our new team logos, to be back online Dec 15th – until then, email me at :) Thanks!