Get the MOST for your money!!! I get a commission for helping you find a home (paid for by the seller), and I believe that realtors get paid very well… so YOU my clients should get a good chunk of that BACK – Why should I keep it all? It’s YOUR money being used to buy the house!

Why should I be greedy? I get paid well, and I spend my advertising dollars smartly – my savings should go straight to my clients! My Buyer rebates normally work out to a few thousand dollars, that you can use on renovations, furniture, trips, and more! (I have dozens of business partners to choose your rewards from)!! – Contact me for specific details!
New video for my 2012 rewards program is currently in production — stay tuned!

If you’ve found this page from a Google search, please feel free to browse to my main page to view my other content as well – The info on THIS page outlines how thousands of dollars can come back to YOU on closing if you’ll allow me the privilege of being your Real Estate agent on the buyers side. Why work with anybody else, when I’ll provide you with the BEST customer service, AND thousands of dollars in rewards when you move in!
Please contact me for more info – I’d love to work with you!!