I like to help because I LOVE TO SAVE PEOPLE MONEY!!! Throughout my entire professional career, from IT to Real Estate, and including my personal life, I love finding ways to save cash. People work hard to earn a paycheque, and I believe it should be easy for them to keep as much of that as possible. Here is one example:

Did you know that “1%” Realtors actually result in less money in your pocket than if you work with FredHelps?
I’m not talking about the usual “Oh, I can get you more money when you sell, and the other guys will undersell your home” argument, since I don’t believe that’s a fair assumption to make 100% of the time.

Here is the truth:
Many 1% Discount Brokerages offer you a 1% listing IF you agree to use them as your buyer agent as well (where they will make 2.5% of the home you buy as well)… Last time I checked, the house you buy (and the commissions) are actually being paid by YOU and worked into your mortgage, so you’re out of pocket 1% for selling (plus buyer commissions if applicable), but are also covering the commissions on your home purchase, wrapped up into the purchase price.
***ALSO*** check the fine print — some of the biggest name “1% guys” actually charge 4.5%+HST. Please, make sure you read their “Schedule A” that outlines this in fine print detail before signing anything! I hate seeing people get taken advantage of.

Instead of advertising at 1% and using marketing tricks with a huge red “1” in all my marketing , I charge a slightly discounted rate to sell your home, but then give you a commission rebate when you buy depending on the price of your home (the more expensive the home, the higher the rebate!!), and sometimes your net outlay for selling your home is actually less than 1%, and this is without sacrificing on service – FULL service should mean exactly that (We include full STAGING with every home, not just staging consultation. I get up on a ladder and install drapes. My team will come shovel your driveway if you’re not around. Showing prep is INCLUDED since EVERY showing is important to us – you never know which appointment will yield the highest offer, so we take every showing very seriously and help you make sure the home looks its best!

I am happy to have all positive reviews written by my clients :) Not on my own website from fake people like “Brandon G.” and “Stephanie R.” — but ACTUAL clients posting on public forum so you can see their words exactly. Reviews are the absolute backbone of my business, and I truly believe are the most effective form of marketing, far superior than dumping junk mail on your porch and doorknob on a regular basis. Head over to www.HawthorneVillager.com/phpbb a public forum for Milton residents, and do a quick search on FredHelps to see all my great reviews (and a few comments from my competition as well… )

In addition to help saving you money, I love to help by:

  • Saving people’s time
  • Reducing Stress and anxiety through education
  • Providing honest input, and
  • Assisting with the dreaded MOVE – My ‘concierge’-type approach is designed to take as much stress out of your move as possible.

I’d love to elaborate on how – email me at fred@fredhelps.com and we’ll go from there, or use the contact form if you prefer!