Hi, I’m Fred DeCarolis from the FredHelps Team based out of Milton, Ontario. I’m so lucky to be voted in the Top 3 in Milton’s Favourites year after year – thanks to the huge support we have in the community, our team is always near the top in terms of production here in town. In fact, for 2017, Milton has voted us in FIRST PLACE across all companies as Milton’s Favourite Home Stagers, 2nd place across all companies as Milton’s Favourite Real Estate Office (for our Team office at 9051 Derry Rd), AND 2nd place for Milton’s Favourite Realtor (among thousands of realtors and over 60 nominees). These are the only awards that are important to us, because they are coming from YOU the public, not our own companies.

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Want another ‘heard that before’ realtor bio, Bus ad or advertising flyer? I didn’t think so.. Why? Simply because Real Estate needs to change…

In fact, Real Estate IS changing, and I’m proud to say the FredHelps Network is one of the drivers of this change. Fair rates, flawless customer reviews online, and FULL service – not the “FULL SERVICE” you see on flyers and door knockers that go straight in to the recycling bin, ACTUAL Full service… (we pump our money into home improvements to help sell, as opposed to self-promoting newspaper or print ads)… Installing lavish drapery, modern light fixtures, and if we see some spots on your mirror before a showing, we’ll track down your Windex and take care of that too. (of COURSE we stage every home we list. Full concierge-level service to keep your stress levels as low as possible, all while not charging anywhere near ‘full price’ – That’s “Full Service”.

Real Estate is one of the top 3 hated professions in the world – I recognize that, I don’t deny it — and that’s one of my biggest drivers for change. Many of my clients come to me saying “I worked with _____ before, and it was terrible”. Real Estate services are expensive, so we should strive to provide the BEST service possible, regardless of whether the listing is $200,000 or $2 million. Every negative story people come to me with absolute turns my stomach, but is also the fuel that drives me to keep impressing every client that comes my way.

I built the FredHelps Network with people that agree that you are paying GOOD money to a Realtor, so we should do everything we can to prepare, market, and sell your property for the most money to minimize the impact on your bottom line, AND make you feel that you got very good value for your money once the transaction is complete.

There are many good options out there, and you have the right to choose any Realtor you’d like. We don’t want to fight that and try to trick you into signing using pressure sales tactics – we prefer to have a casual conversation about the services we offer, and if we both feel there’s a good fit, we’d LOVE the privilege of working our butts off for you. IN FACT, we do the exact opposite of pressure sales. When you sign on with FredHelps, you’re never stuck – you get a blank cancellation form and can cancel at anytime, to make SURE we stick to our word and continue to work hard every step of the way. You’re never trapped, and that means we’re ALWAYS on the ball every day we’re working together. (another change from the usual, hearing stories from people trapped in with Realtors they are not happy with)

Just because I’ve won the top awards and continue to get positive online reviews (thanks to my clients for those!), that will never make be believe I should charge more for the services the FredHelps Team provides. Some brokerages try to push the old school sales tactics and make us believe as a Realtor we are worth 5, 6, 7% – to that I laugh and see it in the eyes of the client – what is a fair price for the services I provide, AND what type of value-add is most important and most effective in the current marketplace?

I did trade in private real estate as well (For Sale By Owner), which sets me apart from most agents, as I can bring my unique experiences on both sides of the Real Estate world together for the ultimate client experience. (YES! I encourage many people to go the FSBO route if they have the time and resources – and I’ll share the skills and the tools with them because I LOVE seeing people save money!)

I’m not afraid to share information and ‘insider tips’ to help your bottom line, and to make sure you’re protected and well taken care of every step of the way.

I’d like to bring my services to you, and show you how I can use what I’ve learned over the years (both the book learning and practical experience), to make the real estate experience easier for you. Even if you’re not looking for a Realtor, I LOVE sharing ideas and talking Real Estate – helping people is my number one driver, and the clients, results, and growth of my business has taken care of itself. Expansion to the FredHelps Network has happened quickly with a great combination of skills, knowledge, and good old fashioned elbow grease, without a single flyer, door hanger, or any form of ancient advertising.

This industry is changing; throw the 1980s sales tactics out the window – a lot changes in 30-40 yrs, and we are constantly adapting – it also helps that I’m proudly an IT nerd – using the latest online marketing tools, Google Adwords, maximizing SEO results, and ALL for selling our clients homes instead of promoting ourselves as a service provider.

FredHelps.com — Proudly Revolutionizing Real Estate in Ontario – it’s not just a tag line, it’s the way I run my business. After all, you are my prospective clients, and your happiness and satisfaction is of utmost importance to me! If I don’t have happy customers, then I don’t have referrals, and no long term business.

Please browse the site, check out a few of the videos, and if there’s anything you’d like to ask me, don’t worry, I won’t try to shove a contract in front of your face! I just love to help, so ask away, even if you DON’T need my services!


Thanks for reading,